Scaling your business on Amazon? 15 successful strategies for your growth

Scaling your business on Amazon? 15 successful strategies for your growth


Mon Nov 27 2023

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Klub Team

Klub Team

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Have you ever been to a buzzing market and felt the thrill of potential discounts? That’s what Amazon India feels like, especially during significant events like the 'Great Indian Festival Sale'. Within two days of the sale, 9.5 crore Indians hunted for the best buys. 

Remember 2013? Amazon India was just a newbie with only 100 sellers. Fast forward to now: they’re hosting over 10 lakh sellers and a whopping 168 million unique items! There's a spot for everything, from cutting-edge phones to nifty kitchen gadgets. And guess what? Nearly 9 out of 10 sellers are not just surviving but thriving. Each statistic hides a story of passionate folks turning dreams into reality. 

For every Amazon seller dreaming bigger for 2024, gear up because here are 15 powerful strategies on how to increase sales on Amazon. 

1. Dive deep into listing optimisation

Optimising your Amazon listings isn't just about following the latest buzzwords; it's a concrete strategy for boosting visibility and sales. Every facet of your product listing, from the title's finesse to the right keyword incorporation, plays a pivotal role in resonating with potential buyers. Here's how you can master it:

  • The right title: While you have up to 200 characters for product titles on Amazon, shorter can often be sweeter. Aiming for a crisp 80 characters or fewer enhances readability and captures attention.
  • Clear descriptions: Each product category on Amazon has its character limits for descriptions. Regardless of the limit, prioritise clear, informative content that speaks directly to the buyer's needs.
  • Test and choose: Amazon's 'Manage Your Experiments' tool can be your best friend if you're in two minds about a title or image. It'll help you gauge which option truly clicks with your audience.
  • Keywords matter: Sprinkle relevant keywords throughout your description. For example, if you're listing organic tea, terms like "caffeine-free", "herbal blend", or "antioxidant-rich" can boost your visibility in searches.

2. Boost your product visibility with dynamic pricing and sponsored campaigns

Automate your pricing

With Amazon’s Automate Pricing tool, you can set rules to adjust your product prices dynamically according to real-time market changes. This proactive approach increases your chances of landing the coveted Offer Display, potentially increasing sales.

Sponsored ads investment

These ads, especially when tailored with niche and long-tail keywords, can position your product directly in front of your target audience. Operating on a cost-per-click model, reviewing and tweak your ad strategy frequently is vital, ideally every 15 days. Here are the two key ad formats to leverage:

  • Sponsored products: These zoom in on individual items. You can decide which products to spotlight by targeting specific keywords or features.
  • Sponsored brands: Beyond just product exposure, these campaigns offer an avenue for brand storytelling. They’re enriched with logos and engaging visuals and can guide users to your brand's dedicated Amazon Store or a specific product listing page. This approach provides a more comprehensive brand engagement by presenting a curated set of products.

By strategically using dynamic pricing with these sponsored initiatives, sellers can maximise their product and brand visibility on Amazon.

3. Stimulate purchases with deals and discounts

Amazon coupons: Direct discounts to amplify appeal

  • Amazon provides a unique way for sellers to offer both rupees or percentage-off reductions on their products.
  • When applied, these discounts enhance a product's visibility in search results, making it more likely for a potential buyer to click on the product.

Social media promo codes

  • These are specially crafted, shareable URLs ideal for marketing campaigns.
  • Perfect for influencer collaborations or targeted social media blasts, they effectively draw both existing and potential customers to your product listings.

Urgency and scarcity with lightning deals

  • These special deals are showcased prominently on Amazon's Deals page for a limited duration, creating a sense of urgency for buyers.

Qualifying for Lightning Deals

  • Products need an established sales history on Amazon.
  • A minimum of a 3-star rating is required, especially if the product has five or more customer reviews.
  • It's important to note that deals should cater to various product variations, such as size or colour, to appeal to a broader audience.
  • Only new, non-restricted products strictly adhering to Amazon's customer review policies are eligible.
  • For logistical smoothness, qualifying products must either be enrolled in the Fulfilment by Amazon (FBA) program or meet the standards for Seller Fulfilled Prime.

Coupons: The timeless attraction

Coupons are an age-old marketing tactic, and on Amazon, they provide direct savings, enhancing a product's allure and encouraging quick sales.

Strategic coupon targeting

Sellers have the flexibility to craft their discount strategies.  For instance, they can direct their discounts exclusively towards Amazon Prime members, a segment known for frequent purchases. Alternatively, they can offer fixed-amount discounts, giving buyers a clear idea of the savings they'll make.

4. Minimise returns, maximise satisfaction

Customer reviews on Amazon act as pivotal digital word-of-mouth, influencing purchasing decisions and shaping brand reputations. Their importance extends beyond trust-building; they affect organic search rankings and conversion rates.

Address negative reviews professionally and work on feedback to improve your product and service.

Tools like Amazon's Voice of the Customer Dashboard can offer insights, helping refine product offerings. In essence, harnessing the power of customer reviews equips sellers with a competitive edge, bolstering trust and driving sales in the vast Amazon marketplace.

5. Stay agile with the Amazon Seller App

Managing your business on the go is invaluable in today's mobile age. The Amazon Seller App is more than just a tool; it's a mobile command centre. Whether listing new products, tracking sales, managing offers, or swiftly replying to customer messages, this app ensures you're always in control.

6. Create an Amazon storefront

Create an Amazon Storefront to showcase your brand story and full product range.

7. Plan for global expansion

Research potential markets outside your current one and expand using Amazon's international platforms. Consider cultural nuances and adapt your listings accordingly.

8. Harness the power of external traffic

Drive external traffic from social media, influencers, and email marketing. Use Amazon Attribution to track conversions from external campaigns.

  1. Utilise Amazon Launchpad to your advantage

Amazon Launchpad is a program that helps new and innovative products launch and grow on Amazon. It provides marketing, merchandising, global selling support, enhanced product pages, increased visibility, and exclusive tools and resources. 

To join Amazon Launchpad, you need to have a unique and market-ready product that is funded or supported by one of Amazon’s collaborators or apply directly and be evaluated by Amazon. 

10. Invest in tools and automation

Use tools for market research, keyword optimisation, inventory management, and financial analysis.

11. Invest in sustainability and ethical practices

More consumers are prioritising sustainable and ethical brands. Ensure that your products and supply chain practices align with these values.

12. Focus on building a brand

Beyond just selling products, building a recognisable brand can foster loyalty and result in repeat purchases.

13. Master the logistics with seller flex

If you're fortunate enough to receive an invitation to the Seller Flex program, embrace it. Combining the convenience of storing products at your place with Amazon's delivery mastery ensures timely fulfilment and heightened customer satisfaction.

14. Unleash the power of Prime: Harness FBA

With Fulfilment by Amazon (FBA), you're not just selling a product but an experience. You leverage their robust distribution network by storing your items in Amazon's fulfilment centres. The Prime Badge, often leading to 3X higher sales, becomes accessible. It also propels your chances of winning the coveted Buybox. With FBA, Amazon becomes your logistics partner – handling packing, delivery, customer queries, and returns and offering cherished fast and free shipping for Prime members.

15. Engage, entice and ensure repeat business

Remember, visibility to the right audience is key. It's crucial to target not just first-time buyers but also foster repeat business. 

Amazon messaging system

While direct promotional emails are prohibited, delivering excellent post-purchase communication can enhance the customer's experience. This includes thank-you emails, care instructions, or informative content related to the product. Such engagements can increase the likelihood of repeat business.

Analytical approach

  • Amazon business reports: Regularly review these reports to understand which products have the highest repeat purchase rates. Tailor your strategies based on this data.
  • Customer insights: Use tools like the Brand Analytics feature of the Amazon Brand Registry to understand your customers better and tailor your approach.


In the world of Amazon selling, starting is just the beginning. To succeed, you need to stay nimble, learn the tricks of the trade, and always aim to give your customers the best. With these strategies in your toolkit, you're on your way to incredible success on Amazon, as now you know how to increase organic sales on Amazon. So, go out there, keep adapting, and deliver value like never before!

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